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Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Add some festive flair to your Winter wedding with these elegant table centerpieces!


Who doesn’t love an icy, Winter wonderland theme?


Looking for a DIY option? This burlap, frozen leaves, and candle combination is simple and classy enough for any wedding!


Are your colors powder blue and soft white? Try out this snow-inspired centerpiece!


You don’t need blue to make your centerpiece go with the time of year! Go simple chic with this easily doable decoration.



Looking for a more rustic centerpiece for your big day? Try out this mason jar combination!


For this centerpiece, simply find some outdoor decor and modgepodge, and make it yourself!


How magical is this holiday-themed centerpiece?!

We hope one of these table decorations melted your heart! For more information regarding these images, please follow these links: